If you follow us here, on YouTube, or the podcast, you know who Byron is. He’s the owner of “Kickin’ Brass Podcast”. When Joe and I were first approached about the joint venture in creating the Podcast, we knew immediately we had the same mindset. We wanted an unadulterated platform to help foster the growth of the firearms sport, the support of the 2A, and America first. I have been friends with Joe and Byron through my years of doing business with them.

This project is my life’s work, and it is the same for Joe and Byron. I’m proud to be associated with people who care about this country, its people, and our way of life. Iron Byron has decided to join the fray. He has made his first entry into the blogosphere. Please join me in congratulating B on his first post, and the inauguration of his blog “B’s Blog”. We will put up a banner for a quick link. In the meantime, just got to the link above to see the first post.

Awesome first post brotha, and may the keyboard treats you kindly for all your future posts. We need people like you to speak for those who can not or do not for whatever reason. History is written by people with the strength, conviction, and perseverance to write it. Congrats on joining Patriotic bloggers everywhere. The future does indeed belong to the Patriots.

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