So, where do we go from here? There are several steps that you can take to remain in the know. First, educate yourself, your family and your friends. Most people socialize with others who have like interests. If your family or friends are engaged in the shooting sports or are just gun owners, let them know what is happening right now! Open an account at , it is free. You can enter the bill numbers into the website and track them  as they go through the committees, house, senate and eventually to the governors desk. It also will tell you, who sponsors the bills, who they accept campaign money from and their voting record.

I have been hanging the drum about gun control attempts to Californicate Arizona for a long time. I have been told I’m paranoid, conspiracy driven, overreactive… and those are the printable sentiments. Mind you, most of this was coming from the conservative side of the aisle. I knew going into this that thick skin and faith is what you need to carry the message. It’s not for the faint of heart or the “go along to get along” kind of lifestyle.

Byron takes a very level headed approach towards combating the wave of gun control movement sweeping our nation. I may be heavy handed in my rhetoric, but I agree with Byron 100 %. Even if you are not an Arizonan, the linked article is worth the read. It is an excellent analysis of where we are at today, and what we can do as individuals to take back our country. It’s great to be associated with people who are educated about our plight. Surround yourselves with good people, and good things will usually happen. Thanks for a great synopsis B.

If you are in the Phoenix area there is a town hall meeting with the 2nd Amendment Foundation on Sunday from 2-4pm.

And on Saturday, there is a 2A rally at the Capital from 10-2.

I will be attending both. Hope to see you there.

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