It’s a hard to get item, but somehow B pulled it off. When we started, Joe and I depended on our own collection and begged and borrowed from our friends to get samples to test and evaluate. That doesn’t work very well with the latest and greatest. With B’s support and MMP Gun’s reputation and connections in the industry, we are able to get our hands on the latest and greatest products. We hope to get the shooting done on this gun this week.

Big thanks to Byron, Eric, and MMP Guns for making it possible. This is a great example of a local gun store giving back to a community. This is why I buy local from my preferred gun shop. Paying a little more to keep your local gun shop in business keeps the industry from becoming centralized. Imagine if only big companies like Dick’s and Walmart were the only gun dealers. Guns would no longer be sold. Support your local gun stores.

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