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Peter Young 12/6/2019

I understand there are people who are for guns, and those who are against. If you are against please allow me to tell you a story of my family’s history that is of the best of my knowledge that was told me and throughout my research has let me piece some together.

My generation is the first generation born on American soil. My mother was born in Perth Australia, her parents were Ukrainian.

German solders (REAL Nazi’s) invaded many homes in Ukraine, captured as many as they could under Adolf Hitler’s orders. My grand parents were among those captured. They refused to talk about their experiences and when they heard it mentioned they both shut down emotionally. My grandfather passed away when I was about 3 years old, he passed after my grandmother, the information I have was given to me by the wonderful people at the holocaust museum in Washington DC and various online websites

My grandmother was listed under “forced labor” (a politically correct term for slave). Most females that were under this category were required to do the cooking and cleaning for the Nazis. They were often beaten if food wasn’t up to par, places weren’t cleaned enough….or if the soldier just felt like it. Yes, having sex with the soldiers against their will happened quite frequently. Women would often rub mud on their teeth or find other ways to make themselves less attractive.

My grandfather was listed as a prisoner in a Nazi jail. Prisoners duties normally included labor which was making door hinges or ammunition for the soldiers weapons, to later be used on them when production wasn’t fast enough. Other prisoners duties included traveling to the concentration camps, dragging the bodies out of the gas chambers and throwing them into trenches to be lit on fire. Collecting the shoes from inside the chambers, wedding bands were collected not for their gold value but every wedding band symbolized a destroyed family.

While in their service to the Nazis, my grandparents met and when they were finally released their bodies were very close starvation. They got on a ship from Naples Italy heading to Australia because they didn’t have enough money to come to America and at the time Australia was in an economic boom, looking for anyone with trade skills (plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc.).

While Australia had firearms at the time, there was no law guaranteeing them to the citizens. They had 3 children, my mother being the youngest and when she was 5 they all came to America, not to get away from Australia, but to come to America where we have the RIGHT to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government, a right that could not be taken away.

Hitler killed almost 17,000,000 people. Now please believe I don’t own a firearm because it’s “cool”, I don’t even hunt. I own because I REFUSE to go on board a crowded train heading towards a concentration camp. I refuse to walk willingly into a gas chamber. I refuse to get on my knees to be executed. I refuse to drag bodies out of chambers to make room for more to walk in.

You may not like firearms, and that is your choice and right. I will simply not allow genocide to happen in this great country. If you think it can’t happen here you may not know your history very well.

If I have given any incorrect information please feel free to correct me. The numbers I gathered in this post came from:…/documenting-numbers-of-vic…

I give permission for this to be shared if someone wants to and if not, I won’t be offended

EDIT: I just wanted to be clear, I did not make this post for fame or attention in anyway. I wrote this for those people wanting to disarm Americans to realize just how important the 2nd amendment truly is.

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