So there is a great divide. On the one hand Democrats, led by Gov. Northam, are targeting Virginians’ guns. On the other hand Virginia gun owners, led by every day citizens, sheriffs, county commissioners, and municipal office holders, are making it known that the war on guns is not welcome.

It is a 21st century “Come and Take It” moment.

It is not only in Virginia, the movement is national. Whether or not other counties in the nation are actually declaring 2A Sanctuary status is not as important as the sentiment amongst the 2A community. People are now seeing the communist attempt to disarm the country in all its glory. WA, OR, CO, NM, NV, FL and even in pockets of blue states like NJ, We The People have had enough.

The “conversations” and “learning” from others strategy has never worked. It will never worked because the anti gun side only has one agenda. They want to take down America by disarming her. It is not a secret any longer. To all Patriots, it never has been. To engage is pointless discourse is to waste time and energy which could be going towards arming our future generations with the knowledge necessary to maintain America’s freedom.

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