“Whilst it was unclear what the actual number will be, Representative Gregg Takayama gave the impression that the starting point would be five rounds,” said the HFC via social media. “This would not only significantly reduce the number of rounds in rifles, but would also reduce the number of rounds allowed in pistols by 50 percent.”

If my Sheriff or Police Captain proposed something that idiotic in AZ, I’d shudder to think what the response would be. The bottom line is they are passing these laws to systematically root people out over time. These will be add on laws to increase penalties for breaking other laws. Law abiding citizens will refuses to obey these laws, and law abiding law enforcement officers would not enforce them. Which leads one to believe the police department of Hawaii are a bunch of sold out traitors. One night think they are the criminals if they want their citizens to be disarmed.

5 Rounds is significant because that would preclude virtually every semi auto modern day pistol. Even the pocket pistols are 6 rounds at the minimum. There is no accident that 5 rounds were chosen. It would reduce people to carrying 5 shot revolvers, and it would not stop there.

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