In 1942, the US Miltary began producing a one shot “throw away” hand gun caliber 45ACP. It was named the Liberator, and was intended to be air dropped behind occupied enemy lines. The purpose was to arm the resistance fighters and civilians to fight the German occupying troops. The purpose of this gun was not to be used in combat, but to be used a a means to secure a better weapon. The idea was to use it to sneak up or ambush a German soldier, and take his MP40 or whatever battle ready weapon he may be armed with. Production ceased in 1945 and today, the gun is much sought after as a collector’s item.


Cheap, functional, reliable, disposable, affordable, built like a tank. Wonder why they don’t make those types of guns any more? Well, they do. Many gun snobs scoff at the idea of a $100 dollar pistol, and often times, they are correct to do so. But in my opinion, there is one company that bucks that trend, Hi Point. Hi Point produces a true affordable, effective and reliable line of firearms. While there are full sized versions in 40 Smith and Wesson, 45 ACP, 10mm, and even 380ACP, along with carbines in all calibers excluding 380 ACP, I think the gun that best represents a common man’s side arm and most closely matches the spirit of the Liberator is the C9 compact semi auto 9mm. Let me be the first to tell you it is not an ideal gun for CCW, Combat, Home Defense, Competition, Display, or bragging rights. But what it does best is arm anyone who needs to be armed. And it does so affordably, safely, and effectively. At $80-$100 used, or as low as $120-$130 brand new (no more than $150 if you shop wisely), one can not buy a better hand gun in my opinion.


Here are some considerations for having a gun that many gun enthusiasts either love or hate.
1) It is reliable.
2) It is affordable at virtually every take home pay budget.
3) It is available everywhere.
4) It is not a huge investment financially.
5) It has the best customer support in the industry in my opinion. If you don’t want to break it down and clean it, send it to them and they will do it for free with free shipping both ways.
6) The warranty is on the gun, not the owner. Doesn’t matter if you are the original purchaser.
7) It goes bang every time. And if you lose it, get it stolen, or have to give it to the authorities because you had to use it self defense, it’s $80-$150, not $700 and up.
8) It’s 100% made in the USA
9) It you don’t love guns, but you still want protection, it’s available for $130 or less, brand new.
10) You can buy 7-8 for the price of one Colt 1911, HK, or Sig Sauer. And it flat out works.


In today’s world every dollar counts for most Americans. Not everyone is a gun afficianado, and not everyone will want to spend $700-$3000 and up for a pistol. I believe everyone should be armed if they choose to do so. I believe that if someone is in need of a reliable firearm, they should not be restricted by their economic circumstances. A person’s right to defend their liberty and freedom should not be curtailed by money, or worse yet, those who control the money. Now more than ever, our country needs a Liberator.


Those who would seek to disarm us will attempt to do so in more ways than just an outright ban on firearms. They will attempt to keep guns out of the hands of those who need them most, the poverty stricken who live amongst the most deviant members of our society. I applaud and support Hi Point because they seek to give every American a safe, effective, reliable product with which to protect themselves, their loved ones, their property, and our country. Should there come a time when we need to take up arms and defend this country, and I hope we never have to, having Hi Point owners as part of the fight would be fine by me. The Hi Point C9, it’s ugly to some, heavy for its size, clunky for CCW(but can be done), more reliable than any X you ever had, 100% American made, and in my opinion…It’s an 8 plus 1 modern day Liberator.


As always, shout out to MMP Guns in Phoenix, my guys Joe and Henry for their continued support of the channel and providing me with fair prices for the guns I review. It would not be possible for me to do so otherwise. Thank you to the posters and our followers who support our channel like family. God Bless America and Long Live The Republic.

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