“As part of his STRONG Ohio bill, Governor DeWine will ask the Ohio General Assembly to mandate that courts enter final domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault protection orders into the LEADS and NCIC systems within 48 hours of their issuance. 

He will also request that Ohio law enforcement agencies be required to enter warrants for serious, Tier I offenses within the same two-day time period.

Governor DeWine’s Ohio Warrant Task Force developed the Tier I offense list earlier this year and recommended that warrants for 28 serious crimes such as murder, kidnapping, rape, and domestic violence be mandated for entry into LEADS and NCIC. 

In a report issued in May, task force members estimated that there are more than 500,000 open arrest warrants in Ohio, but as of March 2019, only 217,052 of those warrants were in LEADS and only 18,117 warrants were in NCIC, which is one of the systems used by the FBI when conducting National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) point-of-sale background checks for federally-licensed firearms dealers on prospective gun buyers.


It’s mind boggling that this isn’t already in place. It’s even more mind boggling that people still don’t understand that criminals do not try to buy guns from legitimate sources. People who have open warrants do not want to expose themselves to a background check.

What is not mentioned in this article is how many of the the people with open arrest warrants successfully procured a firearm by passing a background check, and how many gun related crimes were committed by those who did. The problem is you have a half a million people in Ohio who have arrest warrants who are walking around society. What are we doing about that?

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