Hypocrisy is the pilar of psychopaths, sociopaths, tyrants, and communists. If you ever want to know what a communist is guilty of, just pay attention to what they are accusing you of. Google and Amazons are giant companies. They are anti gun, apparently, because they have antigun policies about conducting the sales of firearms and firearms accessories. But, you know, that sheet sells…and it sells A LOT.

Does anyone think that these two multi billion dollar companies just both conveniently forgot their policy about guns accessories being trafficked on their platform? Was it just a couple guys in their IT department that forgot to flip a switch on the gun accessories filter? As soon as they found out, they put an end to it? I bought 3 Smith and Wesson 40 cal Shield mags from EBay 6 months ago. There are a metric sheet ton of gun accessories for sale on both platforms. Only when they are caught are they shutting down the sales. They didn’t shut it down after any other shootings until now.

The liberals that are out there touting these companies, and others are too dumb to know that “It ain’t what they say, it’s what they do” that matters. These people do not give 2 flying foxes about the lives of children, adults, gun owners or anti gun people. They don’t even care if you are a Globalist loving communist praising Google and Amazon virtues. You are nothing more to them than money, and a tool to be used. Wake up liberals, the only one who cares about your “safe space”’is you. The rest of the world isn’t living in an amusement park of drugs and sexual dysfunctional identity crisis you call your brain.

Ain’t nothing better than using Google search engine to find Google’s F’ ups.


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