This is what an organic shooting by a person who lost his temper or his mind looks like. He fired on members of his own family. There isn’t much information yet. Germany has some of the strictest gun laws in Europe (which was instituted based on…you guessed it… a string of school shootings). This link has some information on German Gun Laws.

How can Germany have these restrictions on gun ownership yet 6 people are dead? “Mentally ill” people kill themselves, or those close to them most often. It is rare to see them kill randomly. “Mental Illness” isn’t about keeping guns out of the crazies, it’s about labeling YOU as crazy so they can take YOUR guns. It is a central component of every gun control set of legislation.

“Mental Illness” allows gun owners to feel ok and protected. “They don’t want my guns, just the cray people’s guns”. How many times have you heard the media and DNC refer to gun owners as mentally ill, and gun ownership being treated as an illness. How about the $25 million dollars the House pushed to the CDC for studying “gun violence”.

Write a law to take guns from the crazies, and once it’s passed, declare whomever you want crazy. That’s how civilian disarmament works. The Police have a higher rate of mental illness and substance abuse than the average American. I don’t see a call for them being disarmed.

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