GASTON COUNTY, N.C. – A second county in as many days hopes to pass a law, preventing future laws from impacting gun owners. Gaston County Commissioners plan to vote at the end of this month to make the county a ‘2nd Amendment Sanctuary’ county.

“As the old saying goes, guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” said Gaston County Commissioner, Jack Brown.

Simply and elegantly stated by County Commissioner Jack Brown. Now there’s a politician I can stand behind. Salute to you sir. As for these pesky 2A Sanctuaries which have popped up all over the nation…how pesky are they? Enough for MSM to constantly remind the people they won’t stand up in court. Well neither do the tens of thousands of useless gun laws which have been passed or are being proposed. The point of the 2A Sanctuaries are not to validate them through the judicial system. It is to show politicians We The People will NOT comply.

If the politicians don’t pay attention, They will be unemployed the next election. It also underscores the lies propagated by MSM. If 94% of the population want gun control, this movement would be restricted to 6% of Virginian counties and cities ratifying 2A resolution. Instead, the numbers resemble the opposite, and counties across the nation are following in step.

These resolutions are not intended to be validated in a court of law. They have their validation in the will of We The People. They have their validation in the people standing up in front of city halls across the nation and stating the opposite of what Beto stammered…. “HELL NO YOU ARE NOT TAKING ONE SINGLE GUN AND WE ARE NOT REGISTERING ONE SINGLE SCRAP OF METAL OR LEAD”. I keep saying it, the Declaration of Independence was not valid in the King’s Court either.

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