Okay folks, here it is….

CADOJ is a dishonest power broker. They have refused to allow the lawful commerce of Title 1 in California. We all know that it does not take seven months to change a state website dropdown menu. Not even government runs that slow! The State has stalled the update while they have pressed congressional cronies to use a trailer bill to the budget process to change the law.

For the record, I don’t disparage the use of a legal process to change a law. I do however disdain with all my soul when government uses an illegal means to deny civil rights of its constituents. By not changing DES, the State has knowingly wielded its power to deny your rights under the color of authorirty. To combat the State’s novel deceit, we have responded with our own novel approach!

Today Franklin Armory is contributing $100,000 to fund a “mass action” lawsuit against CADOJ for failure to perform their required duty. The mass action process is similar to a class action, but it is more efficient. It is important for readers to know that the window of opportunity is closing. If you have not already made a deposit, I encourage you to do so now!

Consumers that leave a deposit can expect an email from Michel and Associates. Please keep an eye out for this email. It will likely arrive AFTER July 1 because the case is being drafted currently.

I should point out that Franklin Armory and CRPA are already suing the State for damages in state court. This case being announced today is a wholly separate action for the consumer. Besides contributing the initial funding, Franklin Armory will not be managing the mass action case.

Lastly, I’ve always told CADOJ that I just want a good referee when it comes to managing gun issues. Unfortunately they have chosen to throw the game. Now we intend to hold them accountable for their corrupt practice. __________________


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