No, this isn’t Tinder, and this ain’t that kind of Fat Wood. On with the lesson. Fat Wood is created when the resin of a pine tree collects in high concentrations. It usually found in dead trees where gravity draws it to the base of the tree.

As I have mentioned, my go to fire starter kit is pieces of cut up pieces of bicycle inner tubes and a lighter. We haven’t progressed technologically this far for me to depend on starting fires with sticks or ferro rods. While it is a cool way to do it, if I’m in a survival situation, I don’t want to play frontiersman.

But before there were lighters and synthetic materials to guarantee a fire in wet damp conditions, there was always Fat Wood, if you reside or are in the vicinity of a pine forrest. The advantage to Fat Wood, aside from impressing the ladies, is that it will burn even when wet. This is a great video showing how you can take advantage of nature’s natural fuel. It’s good to know how to collect and use this resource. The more knowledge you have about natural resources, the better off you are.

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