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Just yesterday we shared with y’all the story of one Jonathan Carpenter of Florida, and the violation of his constitutional rights, thanks to Red Flag Laws. We alerted you to the fact that this knee jerk reaction, when Florida already has the Baker Act, was enacted by Republicans who possessed majorities in both State chambers and had Rick Scott as governor. If there is one thing that alarms me, it is how quick Republican elected officials will fold like a cheap chair when confronted by the progressive socialist mob. Now we have Rep. Peter King of NY coming out in support of an assault weapons ban. Perhaps we should send him our post about what an assault weapon actually is?

What we need are Republicans with some intestinal fortitude — okay, cajones — to stand up for law-abiding, legal gun owners in America. Yes, we want something done about these individuals who gain access to weapons and conduct mass violence.

First, we should begin at looking at the common characteristic, and it has nothing to do with the tool they choose for their heinous and evil acts. If it were all about the tool, then why is it that the same weapons, six of them, sit here in my home and have done nothing? Oh yeah, those ammunition magazines are empty, and they cannot load themselves.

I am tired of weak Republicans who allow the left to define the narrative, and force their ideological agenda on innocent Americans. When I hear folks claim that they are going to end gun violence by banning firearms, well, I am reminded of all the times throughout history that socialist, communist, Marxist dictators have used the same line to disarm the people, and then subjugate them. Most recently we have witnessed this happen in less than ten years in Venezuela where government-sponsored armed gangs gun down defenseless, starving, people, who were once citizens. Why can Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un rule with such authoritarianism? Yes, and that is the reason we have our Second Amendment right — not privilege, which can be rescinded — but a natural right.

Now, as a result of the El Paso shooting, the leftist cancer that exists in Texas is seeking to spur on the same unconstitutional response.

As reported by KSAT (San Antonio):

“At least 17 Texas state lawmakers are asking Gov. Greg Abbott to call a special session to address gun violence following a mass shooting in El Paso that left 22 dead and dozens injured. The list includes four state representatives from San Antonio, including Roland Gutierrez, Diego Bernal, Leo Pacheco and Ina Minjarez.

“Our state leadership has failed to be proactive and adopt laws that would allow gun safety,” said Gutierrez, who has secured more than 500 signatures in a related online petition. “All Texans should feel safe in their communities. Every year we lose too many to gun violence. Over 3,353 gun-related deaths occur in Texas each year. One death is too many – time for change.”

Others on the list are: state Rep. Shawn Thierry, D-Houston; state Rep. Donna Howard, D-Austin; state Rep. Michelle Beckley, D-Carrollton; state Rep. Nicole Collier, D-Fort Worth; state Rep. Gene Wu, D-Houston; state Rep. Victoria Neave, D-Dallas; state Rep. Gina Hinojosa, D-Austin; state Rep. Erin Zwiener, D-Driftwood; state Rep. Ron Reynolds, D-Missouri City; state Rep. Vikki Goodwin, D-Austin; state Rep. Richard Peña Raymond, D-Laredo; state Sen. Beverly Powell, D-Fort Worth and state Sen. Carol Alvarado, D-Houston.

As governor, Abbott is the only person with the power to call a special session, which can run up to 30 days. The Texas Legislature is known as part-time because it meets for about five months every other year. The 2019 regular session ended in May and lawmakers won’t convene again until January 2021 unless Abbott calls a special session. Abbott would also have authority over which topics are in play for debate.

But Texas has increased access to guns in recent years following high-profile mass shootings in the state, the Associated Press reports below. After the massacre of 22 people at an El Paso Walmart by an attacker with a military-style rifle, Texas’ Republican leadership is still unlikely to push for gun restrictions in a state that has long embraced firearms and has nearly 1.4 million handgun license holders, experts and advocates on both sides of the gun issue say. The shooting comes nearly 21 months after the Sutherland Springs massacre that killed more than two dozen people and more than a year after the Santa Fe shooting that killed 10.

“When Texas Republicans look at these massacres, they don’t blame guns, or gun laws. They blame people. They may blame institutions, schools, families, mental health, but not guns,” said Mark Jones, political science professor at Rice University. “If a school massacre and a church massacre didn’t change people’s opinion, the El Paso massacre isn’t going to.” Texas’ resistance to tightening gun laws stands in contrast to how some Republican-led states have reacted after mass shootings.”

First of all, how many of the “gun-related deaths” in Texas were committed by criminals who should not have had access to firearms, like the recent Philadelphia shooter who had an extensive criminal record? How many of those shootings occur in urban centers controlled by Democrats here in the Lone Star State? Furthermore, how many of these shootings were suicides? I would like for these “lawmakers” who want to violate our laws to inform me as to how many law-abiding legal gun owners are out committing gun offenses, shootings?

Next, for those idiots invoking the Sutherland Springs shooting, tell the full truth, and it appears that the KSAT news team is incapable of doing so. That shooter did not have his criminal record and dishonorable discharge from the US Air Force uploaded into the National Criminal Background Checks System (NICS). He, therefore, lied on his BATF Form 4473 and wrongfully acquired firearms. The other part that was omitted is that his reign of terror was ended by a law-abiding legal Texas gun owner, with an AR-15, NRA trained firearms instructor. He moved to the sound of the guns, long before any law enforcement officers arrived on the scene. Stephen Willeford is the hero of Sutherland Springs, but these flaming fools would rather disarm him than admit, and correct, the blatant failure which resulted in the deaths of innocent churchgoers.

Who is this Mark Jones, a political science professor at Rice University? Sir, you have evidenced your incompetence, and are a candidate for our “Stuck on Stupid” recognition. I am a Republican, and a legal, law-abiding gun owner, and yes, I blame people for committing a crime. Please show me a weapon that can commit a crime by itself without any human interaction, please? Sir, your logic is so flawed, no, asinine. Let me ask you: when there is a vehicular homicide or accident involving a vehicle, do we blame the automobile company that made the vehicle? Do we ban cars? Sir, we have Islamic terrorists who have used cars, vans, and trucks to kill people, did we ban those vehicles? On 911 terrorists used commercial aircraft to kill thousands of people, should we attack Boeing or United Airlines, and ban airplanes?

Yes, sir, we blame the person, not the tool they use, which could be a knife, hammer, bat, anything that can be used to assault another. The issue is not with the gun, it is with adherence to our gun laws and closing out the gaps in our NICS program.

To all of these opportunistic progressive socialists, the mother of the El Paso shooter stated that she contacted local law enforcement about her son. Does that sound familiar? Just like all the warning signs exhibited by the Parkland, Florida shooter were not followed up by law enforcement, nor the Broward County school system.

Do not go invoking these weak Republican elected officials as some standard to follow, they cowered to the insanity of progressive socialists. I am praying that here, in Texas, our elected officials, Republicans, are made of tougher fiber.

Let me remind y’all of Mr. Gary Willis of Ferndale, Maryland and Jonathan Carpenter of Florida. That is why we do not blame a gun, we point blame at the individual who committed the evil, criminal act. As a matter of fact, consider what could have been different in El Paso if there was one, maybe two law-abiding, legal gun owners with a carry permit to gun down that shooter, like Stephen Willeford did.

In New Zealand, the mosque shooter was hunted down and subdued by a Kiwi with a semi-automatic handgun. What was the response from the Prime Minister of New Zealand? Ban all semi-automatic handguns. In essence, blame the person who stopped the shooter and make them the villain, the criminal.

Folks, don’t mess with Texas gun owners, we will use our constitutional privilege of voting you out. Especially when one considers that these progressive socialists want to flood this State with criminal illegal immigrants, who will find a way to attaining a weapon. Just like the five-time deported criminal illegal immigrant in San Francisco who shot Kate Steinle to death, and was not even found guilty on criminal possession of firearm charges.

Molon Labe!

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Old School Patriots Allen B. West

Allen West

During his 22 year career in the United States Army, Lieutenant Colonel West served in several combat zones and received many honors including a Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals, three Army Commendation Medals, one with Valor device, and a Valorous Unit Award.

In November of 2010, Allen was elected to the United States Congress, representing Florida’s 22nd District.

He is a Fox News Contributor, former Director of the Booker T. Washington Initiative at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Senior Fellow at the Media Research Center, contributing columnist for, and author of Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Family, Faith and Freedom, and, Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death, published October 16, 2018, from Brown Books Publishing Group.

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