Democrats Are Freaking out Because Joe Biden Went Missing, Trump Has Already Defeated Him it Seems. Where Is Joe Biden??!

We are in the midst of a serious global crisis and Biden is nowhere to be found. Last we saw of him was his disastrous digital town hall where he muttered and mumbled and wandered off camera confused.

Now the Democrats are wondering just where he went. Trump is on TV everyday and the media class is outraged. Free press for Trump but not a single Biden statement to be heard.

Three new polls show Trump is winning over Democrats while others show Democrats are Walking away.

Now the real challenge for Trump can be seen. Trump is no longer running against Biden but against media elites who are calling for his press events to be canceled.

In the past they demanded more press briefings and now that they got them they demand less?? No matter what Trump does they just scream “orange man bad”

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