If you have been following my posts, you know that I have been bitten by the wheel gun bug again. Thanks to Joe and Henry at MMP Guns, I was able to put on lay a way a hard to find item, at least in my area, over the weekend. The new iteration of the Dan Wesson 715.

In 2005 Dan Wesson was purchased by CZ-USA, and they began producing high end 1911s. In 2016, CZ brought back the Dan Wesson line of revolvers. Dan Wesson has a long history, dating back to the 60s, of producing quality, and accurate revolvers. They made their name in the silhouette shooting world, and handgun hunters also rely on their accuracy. This is a good article on the history of Dan Wesson.


Unique to the Dan Wesson line of guns are the models which have interchangeable barrels. Instead of buying 4 guns for for different purposes, you can buy a Dan Wesson “pack” with up to 4 barrels in 2” to 8”, in 2” increments. You can carry it concealed with the 2” barrel, and go up to 8” to hunt or shoot silhouette.

The one I picked up is a 6” model. I prefer the 6” models on all my wheel guns except for the snubbies. The gun has some minor scratches here and there, but is in fine shape. It is serial number 85 of the reintroduced models, so that’s cool to me to have a sub 100 production serial number.

The trigger is different than a Colt or Smith. There is a bit of a “smushy” feel to it towards the end of the pull on double action, but the single action is crisp with no creep or travel. It is a solid gun with excellent lock up, and is heavy. (The specs will be listed in the linked videos.)

Those who know me, know that aesthetics are a big part of why I find a gun desirable. The squared off slab barrel sleeve lends a futuristic look to the gun which I find very pleasing. CZ didn’t mess with the original design any that I can see. Overall, I’m very impressed with the gun, and it is going to be a keeper in my growing wheel gun collection.

If you are a revolver fan, this gun should definitely be in your collection. Since I haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet, here are a couple of excellent reviews on the 715.

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