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Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Ohio, Utah, Wisconsin, and Michigan have had some movement on Constitutional Carry bills. Republican Governor Herbert of Utah vetoed a weak Constitutional Carry bill. Montana’s Democrat Governor Bullock vetoed a Constitutional Carry bill twice.

Most bills will die in the legislative process, but one to three more states are likely to restore Constitutional Carry in 2020.

Making progress towards freedom. There is absolutely no reason to not have constitutional carry as the law of the land. No state which installed the measure has seen an increase in violent crime or accidental deaths involving guns. The people who are negligent, irresponsible, or criminal are not going to take gun courses or gun safety training. And…they are responsible for an overwhelming amount of the crimes related to guns. You can’t legislate responsibility or competence. Criminals and knuckleheads will not take CCW course, now will they adhere to gun safety practices regardless if there is mandatory licensing or not.

They are already carrying weapons and killing people or themselves today without a license. If mandatory licensing for concealed carry worked, all the criminals and gang members would be disarmed. Last I checked they aren’t.

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