The Smith and Wesson Model 19/66 is probably my favorite Smith and Wesson revolver. It just eeks out the model 29/629. The profile of the 19 in its 2 inch snub nose configuration, as carried by Eddie Murphy in 48 hrs has been ingrained in my head. It is classic in looks, and would still be in play today as an EDC gun for me.

Many people do not like the weight of a heavy gun on their hip all day. I carry my EDC at 4 O’clock, and a good gun belt/holster combination will do wonders for a beefier gun. 6 shots of 357 Magnum and a couple of speed loaders would get you through most situations in life if needed. Would it be my constant daily carry? No, mostly because I wouldn’t put the wear and tear on what I think is a beautiful gun. Would I carry it on occasion? Without question, and I would not feel under gunned either. This is a cool read on the Model 19.


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