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If you intend to get a baton, it’s imperative that you know the laws regarding ownership and carry in your jurisdiction. If you are going to carry, get professional training. Not only will you be more prepared to use the baton effectively, but you will be educated about any legal ramifications which may result from defending yourself with one. Here are some general educational videos I ran across.

Note the emphasis on avoiding strikes to the vital areas which can create permanent damage or even death.

This video goes further into technique, but continues to emphasize no lethal blows, and speaks to giving the person being hit a chance to disengage, or as I mentioned earlier in the introductory segment, gives you a chance to escape.

I will always emphasize “self defense” in my discussions of self defense tools. I’m not playing internet Rambo for upvotes here. Any information I share with you will be my personal strategies for defending myself and those around me. I’m not a soldier or a mercenary handing out internet killer-fu. My preference will always be to evade first…distract or dissuade so I can escape the danger…Terminating the threat will always be the last resort.

Our society does not look well upon people defending themselves in the first place. The less damage you can inflict in defending yourself, the better off you are. Take everything with a grain of salt, and do your own research. The purpose of these threads are designed to encourage you to think about your safety and that of your loved ones. They are not instructional or tutorials on how to engage in combat.

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