Three years ago I first wrote about the John Brown Gun Club.

They are a wing of Antifa that owns and trains with guns.  They believe in the idea of a communist worker uprising and are arming themselves for that end.

In the CHAZ, they have put themselves to work as the Zone’s armed political enforcers.

Same situation from two angles:

This is the same group that I wrote about in my previous post, the ones that were attacked for carrying American flags into the CHAZ.

So gun-carrying Antifa has granted itself the authority to intimidate unarmed black men.  All in the name of racial justice and Black Lives Matter.

Exactly when does this get counted as an armed insurrection?

The Daily Beast, which is a hard Left-leaning news site.  This is how they covered the John Brown Gun Club at the CHAZ:

Meet the Gun Club Patrolling Seattle’s Leftist Utopia
Though everyone from Trump to local cops have expressed fear about the idea of anti-brutality activists being armed, they say it’s essential to ward off dangerous extremists.

Only to a site like the Daily Beast are armed Antifa not “dangerous extremists.”

Members of the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club (PSJBGC)—a leftist community defense and firearms education organization that gained a spate of notoriety last year when a former member, Willem van Spronsen, set fire to an ICE parking lot—have been a constant presence. The club is often asked to provide security for protests and rallies around the Seattle area, and while their involvement in CHAZ is structured more loosely, the presence of armed civilians has raised a few eyebrows.

Leftist gun clubs have been on the rise, and organizations like the Socialist Rifle Association—of which, full disclosure, I am a member—Huey P. Newton Gun Club, Trigger Warning Queer & Trans Gun Club, and other chapters of the John Brown Gun Club have successfully introduced the issue of gun rights and firearms education into the broader leftist discourse. In Seattle, John Brown members have generally been showing up on an individual basis, rather than as part of a coordinated campaign. But as Nick—the group’s towering spokesperson, who like other members requested his full name be withheld given law enforcement’s fixation on left-wing activists—told The Daily Beast, the group was also tapped to provide a security escort for “some very prominent black voices who were doing speeches here at the Autonomous Zone” following the events of last Sunday evening.

“Sure, there are occasionally people open carrying, and usually they’re people of color, but all that they’re doing is exercising the same Second Amendment rights that the 3%ers and right wingers never shut up about,” Vixen, who is also a PSJBC member, told The Daily Beast. “But because they’re afraid of the c-word, ‘communist’, [right wingers] lose their minds over it. And unlike whatever’s happening in their own personal fantasyland—all this talk of the boogaloo, without the rule of law—the threats of violence against these communities are actually credible.”

This fundamentally wrong, and insanely hypocritical from a group that openly hates the NRA (but when has the Left not been a bunch of hypocrites).

What gun owners of the Right want is to be left alone.  The whole idea of the Boogaloo is an armed casting off of the forces of oppression.

These people want to be the armed muscle of the Communist takeover.  They are not anti-oppression.  They want to be the oppressors.  Their guns are the hobnails in the boot stamping in every human face forever.

The open-carrying right did not chase off reporters or people waiving opposing flags.  They did.  They pushed out people with American flags.  They pushed out reporters.  They have backed the people shaking down others in the CHAZ.

This is the Left.  Want to own guns to defend yourself from an oppressive government and you are bad.

Own guns to help usher in an oppressive government and you are a hero.

These assholes are going to get someone killed before this is all over.

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