FBI gun background checks required in most weapon sales have jumped 30% as consumers have rushed in to gun stores and shows to load up amid threats from Democratic presidential candidates to end sales and safety concerns as the coronavirus spreads.

Background checks in January and February recorded the highest number ever for the period, said the FBI. In just two months, there have been 5,505,169 checks. Last year, there were 4,218,980 background checks in January and February.

One has to wonder aloud if the DNC voters know they are making the gun industry stronger, and arming more Americans. As well, how much money do politicians have invested into gun company stocks? The last time I mentioned this, a poster claims that it’s illegal for politicians to engage in insider trading. Well, while it may be illegal and Chris Collins was busted in 2018, it serves notice that the practice continues up to 2 years ago, even though it was outlawed in 2013.

However look at this article written in 2013, and look at what Biden and his son engaged in. Do you really think Congress has cleaned up its act? I don’t. I think it’s business like usual. If you’re a corrupt politician and you can use the emotional appeal of patriots and communists alike to make a buck, would you do it? The answer should reside, at least once partly, with the most recent trends in gun sales.

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