I have some unexpected family matters I have to attend to. I’m not sure how much time will be required of me. I will be on and off as time allows. In my absence, I have added One’MericanMack as a moderator, and Tex will continue man his post as our lead moderator. Joe will oversee the operation until I can get back full time. The plans for the Podcast will continue uninterrupted. We will move forward on that end with no zero delay.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Mack,Tex, and especially Joe for stepping up. It’s rare that you can find people willing to not only volunteer, but enthusiastically jump at the opportunity to lend a hand. Good men and women are what made this country great. It’s what makes our blog great. It’s how I came about to be on this blog. Jumping at the opportunity to help Waylon when he needed a hand.

You know how I run this blog. I know how respectful all of you are. Please support our moderators. They are more contributors than they are moderators. Much in the same way that I view my role…a contributor. You have made it easy for me to spend my time researching topic material rather than “moderating” personalities. Please continue to do the same in my absence. Mack has run her own blog before. Tex is running his own in addition to pitching in here. I chose these folks because of their knowledge, experience, and patriotism.

I will be checking in periodically, and daily. I hope to be back full time as soon as time permits. In the meanwhile, the enemy never sleeps, and neither should we. Thank you in advance for your consideration and understanding.

The best way to help is to pitch in with your own OPs. #YourVoiceMatters.

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