Three armed intruders break into home — but 17-year-old who lives there turns the tables and opens fire, killing at least one of them

Prisoner released early over COVID-19 concerns allegedly broke into woman’s home, tied her up at knifepoint, and threatened to kill her.

My LEO contacts are starting to stress this to their friends and families.

  1. Home burglaries and invasions will increase significantly in the next few weeks. For the states in lock down, 1 week has already made people jumpy, 3 or 4 weeks and it will look like a bad episode for The Purge. When everybody is at home, criminals will run out of easy targets. If you have to go out for supplies, go early in the day if you can.
  2. Be extra aware of your surroundings even in your own yard, when outdoors.
  3. Car break-in’s and thefts will increase as well, lock your car and empty the visible area of practically everything.
  4. As a side note I opened a can of Spam that had expired in 2015 out of the hurricane kit to see if it was still any good, it was fine.

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