One of the posters did not know that Disqus was shutting down the channels on 9/1. I pulled up a story on the internet to explain to him what the process would be. The story had a blurb that people can still post with their Disqus sign on with channels which utilize the Disqus Commenting plug in… For now. It raised the question, what if Disqus pulled the plug on our plug in.

When this Website was built, it had WordPress as the commenting plugin. I asked Joe to replace it with Disqus when we made the site the back up to TAC 6 months ago. We did that so in the event they shut down TAC with no warning, all you had to do was go to Just A Pew and use your existing sign on. Which worked out perfectly.

In the event the Disqus pulls the plug in for commenting for us, we simply reinstall WordPress. If you registered with the website, you can just sign in and comment on WordPress. If you haven’t, just register if it happens. So we already have a back up in case Disqus decides to make any other “business decisions”.

Not preparing is preparing to fail. Situational awareness…it’s a thing.

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