They’ve thrown out the possibility of domestic terrorism, I’ve thrown out assassination attempt, drive-by shooting and I think only after the investigation we will know for sure,” said Morgan.

This situation would frighten anyone, but not Morgan. She’s taking a different stand.

“I invited them back if you think you are such a tough guy come on back and show us what you’ve got,” said Morgan.

This is the radical leftist elements in our country. The roaming gangs of hormonally enraged muppets of the DNC. This is what communists recruit and build. They beat up seniors and shoot at people in drive by shootings in the night. I don’t have the credentials of the people in this story, but I know I risk a lot by coming out into the public with the podcast and the gun channel.

Are they going to bother with people like me? Probably not on a systemic level, but you never know which local muppet will get triggered. I live in a constitutional carry state, and everyone on both sides are armed. I’m fine with that. They are going to arm themselves anyway. I’m sure those shooters in this story didn’t comply with Colorado’s gun laws. Be careful out there folks. It’s not popular to be pro gun these days.

Take nothing for granted. Forewarned is forearmed.

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