Barr declares that Epstein killed himself “in a perfect storm of screw ups.” There was no conspiracy to kill him.

Whew! I’m glad he got that cleared up for all of us.


Barr’s ability to see a crime is on par with a blind man’s ability to drive.

Barr’s “perfect storm” of coincidences and screws up include:

And let’s not forget why Epstein was in jail to begin with. He was a known pedophile who had connections to the deep state and power elite. Evidence strongly suggests he was supply these same individuals with underage girls. He even had his own private island where said individuals and underage girls could “hook up.”

Further evidence – now destroyed – indicates Epstein’s little sex island included monuments to black magic, sex rituals, and other crazy shit. All of this evidence has been scrubbed clean of course.

Let’s just disregard the fact that the FBI is now treating Epstein’s death as a murder. But hey, if Barr has his way, no evidence will make the light of day because, according to him, it was all just a perfect storm of screw ups.

Anyone with half a brain and the ability to actually THINK for themselves is laughing at Barr’s stupidity.

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