This is the kind of garbage that communists bring to the table when they show up. They will throw everything against the wall to see what sticks. And they will throw what doesn’t stick against wall until it does. All these laws will prohibit firearms ownership even if they don’t go for all out confiscation. So when those who propose gun owners go out and try to convince the opposition to “see the light”, this is what is happening behind the doors.

Maybe we can learn something from the people who support these bills by engaging in conversation with them. Perhaps if we’re convincing enough they will let a couple of bills drop off the plate. That’s how compromise works. It’s how we arrived at this point in America. I don’t need to sample a pile of crap to know it stinks and it’s crap. The only thing communism shares in common with America is the knowledge that guns in the hands of Americans are bad for communism. That’s the only common ground we have.

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