I will never, ever, ever submit to Islam. I will fight Islam with every fiber of my being for as long as I live because Islam is pure satanic evil. If you are really serious about Islam dominating the United States and the world, you are going to have to come through me. You are going to have to kill me. Good luck with that.

There are real men and women left in this world who are prepared to face every day threats. Read the whole article. This woman has more balls than some posters I have seen on this blog. Gladly, the gutless bastards never stick around. If they can’t take criticism from me, they sure won’t have the backbone to call out a moozie.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, we are faced with danger for just defending our beliefs. Whether it’s the Pantyfa, Goat Defilers, DNC commie muppets, or just your ordinary run of the mill criminals, there is no hiding out. Stand your ground. The interwebs is the beer balls of the current day.

God bless America and Americans who still have bravery of the founding fathers. If America were filled with poozies waiting for get their noses broken, we’d be praying fo the East and getting raped to death like Europe. Salute to Ann Barndhart for bitch slapping goat fornicators world wide. If you need a hand Ann, let us know. We have plenty of Arizonans who will back you…though I get the idea you have this handled just fine on your own.

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