FosTecH designed the Origin SBV along the same lines as other not-a-shotgun firearms such as the Mossberg Shockwave and the Remington TAC-14. Those guns are classified as firearms under the Gun Control Act, but not regulated under the National Firearms Act.

The Origin SBV, however, featured a folding stock. That didn’t sit well with the ATF. In October, the regulator ruled that the Origin SBV is a short-barreled shotgun and a destructive device.

Someone must not have paid a big enough of a bribe. These “rulings” are completely arbitrary. There is absolutely no logic or sense behind them. This agency is a complete joke. These are the same people that got caught trafficking guns to the Mexican cartel. How the $*^% does a folding stock ramp up the level of risk as to need federal regulation? How the ^%*#did it pass their “purview” to make it legal to sell in the first place? I don’t recall a “mass shooting” with this weapon.

These people are no better than a pissed off significant other. Fine one day, psychotic narcissistic Ahole the next. Pull the plug on this horse crap already. The USA should declare 2A Sanctuary status on this tomfoolery. And we could do so if it weren’t for all the Fudds saying “Nobody needs a sawed off shotgun to hunt”. The NFA is obsolete, as is the agency that enforces it.

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