Now ABC News reports the gun control push may cost Democrats in November. They note, “Virginia has not backed a Republican for president since 2004, when President George W. Bush won a second term. Hillary Clinton won the state by 5 points over President Donald Trump in 2016.” But they admit “support for guns and opposition to gun laws does not fall clearly along party lines.”

Another “No Shit Sherlock” moment for those with their heads stuck up their posteriors. America is a gun owning country. It was built by the hands of armed Americans. A politician will never win an election running on gun control. It didn’t work in the 90s, it won’t work now. Over the weekend, I saw a lot of customers at the shop who brought their children. That is where we win the battle. Those are our future voters. Those are the segment of population that we need to be having real conversations with.

You can bet your last dollar I spoke to everyone of those kids myself. That’s a real contribution to the fight. Not running around trolling liberal sites or “debating” and “convincing” the “undecided”. You want to win the hearts and minds of people who matter? Win the hearts and minds of children. They are the real undecided people in our world. Not some grown ass adult in their 20s and thirties who hasn’t figured out right from wrong. Those are lost leaders, and a waste of time.

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