This is my initial OP on the website. Anyone who is registered on the blog can begin posting if they are familiar with Word Press.

•If you are registered, you will be notified via e-mail each time a new thread/article is posted.

•Your article will be posted on the T.A.C Blog only. The other sections of the website are managed by the Administrative team.

• The posts will need to be reviewed and approved just like they were on Disqus. We are working on setting up the WordPress Moderator sign ons to allow them to approve and publish the OPs. As of now, Joe and I will be the only people who can approve the posts.

• Anyone who is registered is able to post and OP right now.

• DM is being researched to see which plug-in best fits our format. I’ll let you know when that becomes available.

•We will be upgrading our capacity to double what it is running at in anticipation of additional traffic. We will not have capacity issues.

• I’m looking over some tutorials, and will find the one which makes the most sense, and I will post it for you.

• This is the format we will run on going forward.

•If you are just posting, reading, and commenting, just go to the website , , click on the T.A.C Blog icon, and you will see all the OPs/Articles in descending order from most recent to oldest.

The reviews and industry articles will not be on the Blog section. Those reviews are being forwarded to social media, and I want to keep our posts off of main social media sites.

That’s the latest update, and I will begin posting OPs here and sending invites on Disqus.

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