If you saw my post yesterday about the 629-2 I picked up, it was for bear duty this summer when I head up north to get some relief from the heat in the valley on occasion. One doesn’t think that AZ is near territory, but we have big brown and black bears in the high country. The occasional 1000 plus pound variety. We have also had fatal attacks in recent years. Drought conditions are often the cause. I also will occasionally wander off the trail to explore some new areas.

100% of the time, I will have one of my shotguns, and used to carry an AR-10 of some type. The AR-10s were heavy so I got rid of them ( Although the POF Revolution has me wanting to get back to it). I back up the shotgun with a Glock 40 in 10mm. I’m going to switch to a G20 again as the G40 is a bit cumbersome and more suited for hunting. The 629-2 is for collecting purposes. However, I may take it for a camp gun. It does have a hell of a report, and that alone may help chase off a bear.

We always think of a single bear charging to do damage, but as this video shows, they can come in 2 or more. With spring right around the corner, many of us will be heading back out doors. Be vigilant, and always take a firearm with you to the field. Don’t forget, the universal distress sign in the wild is 3 successive shots. A gun is not just for killing, it can also help you drive off an animal even if you miss, and it can be used as a signaling device. The louder the better for the 2nd purpose.

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