So the 2020 presidential election is just around the corner. I believe there is a very good chance Donald Trump is re elected. God forbid he’s not. We remember the campaign in 2016. Trump was a long shot, many thought it was a joke, and certainly that he had no real chance to actually win. After months of perhaps the best campaign in US history, Trump defeated heavily favored Hillary Clinton. He won by attacking several key issues, such as immigration, economics, and cleaning up the corruption in DC. He’s had varying degrees of success in dealing with these issues.

Trump has probably had more thrown his way than any president in recent memory that was unnecessary and unwarranted. If he wins again, there will certainly be more of the same from the left and their cronies in the media.

This campaign in 2020 has a much different feel than in 2016 for various reasons. Trump isn’t a new thing on the campaign trail. His zingers and bold statements don’t have the same shock value. Due to the pandemic, the candidates traveling the country, giving epic speeches isn’t happening. The issues are somewhat lost.

So, what I would like to discuss in this post, what is the one thing you would like to see Trump do in a second term? Please be as specific as you can. Try to refrain from just a general statement like, “I would like to see him fight more for gun rights” or “Stop the lunatics on the left from destroying the country.” What one specific thing would you like to see him accomplish in his second term?

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