The first episode of “Kicking Brass” was recorded last night. It’s in the hands of Chris, our production engineer, for editing. I’ll announce the date we drop the podcast as soon as Byron gives me the go ahead. In the meanwhile, we are working on the 2nd episode as well as sourcing guns for our reviews.

Episode 2 of “Kicking Brass” will include an interview with one of Troy Industry’s top female competitive shooters. She’s an international shooter currently competing. She’s based out of Phoenix, and I’ll announce names and particulars once we have the final production schedule for episode 2.

Of great interest to me, the Taurus G3 hit the shop the day we were filming in the desert. So our next handgun to be reviewed will be the Taurus G3. We’ll be out shooting the Taurus as soon as we can schedule the time for Joe and Chris. We are also on the look out for the much anticipated Springfield Hell Cat. Being an item in high demand, it will be a challenge to get our hands on one, but Byron is making all the calls he can to make it happen.

Stay tuned for more news as we continue to work to provide you with more product reviews. Thanks for your support as we go through our growing pains. We aren’t getting a paycheck, and the guys are all doing this outside of their regular jobs and family time. Big thanks to Joe, Byron, Chris, and Eric for contributing to the project. Thanks to Scott from Imperial Arms for his time (super cool down to earth dude as well).

Lastly, thank you to Mack, GP, specifically for keeping the blog alive while I’m otherwise occupied. And of course, thanks to our loyal followers and your support. This blog and the podcast are my own ways of pitching in to the fight against the assault on our rights. The national gun rights organizations are only as strong as their members. Writing a check every month and expecting someone to fight for your rights isn’t enough. It’s how Wayne got his mansion and suits, and how we end up having to fight and scratch for each RIGHT we still have.

I’m under no illusion that my efforts are going to change the political landscape of gun control. But at least I know I’m doing everything I know how to promote gun ownership, and helping the 2A flourish. I’m sick of “defending the 2A”. We will no longer defend a God given Right. Our mission is the proliferation of the 2A. The strongest defense is an attacking offense. We will do that by exercising our first amendment right to free speech, and support/educate those who want to join our ranks. God bless you all, and long live the Republic.

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