In a report released this week, the Crime Prevention Research Center says there are now nearly 19 million Americans with permits to carry a concealed handgun – an increase of 1.4 million, or about 8 percent – from around this time last year.

That is a significant increase considering that 2 or 3 states in 2019 went to Constitutional Carry last year. While MSM keeps stating that Americans want less guns, the gun sales, the background checks, and CCW permits are sky rocketing.

“As more and more states decide not to require permits,” it adds, “the number of people who can legally carry a handgun will increasingly outpace the number of permit holders.”

That’s the tens we are seeing. And it’s a good trend. The more out of control the left gets, the more Americans are deciding to arm themselves. The trend will not reverse because the leftist elements of this country will not stop attacking the foundation of the Republic.

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