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The following was originally posted in September 2019 and inadvertently removed from the blog when my first account was deleted. As I’ve mentioned before, some posts I may re-publish if they seem to be of particular interest. Enjoy! Or, ignore! Let’s hear it for free will! ?

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Close at Hand: Using Makeshift Weapons When SHTF

Interesting article explaining ways to use what’s laying about to protect yourself when indoors . . . with visual aids! ? Don’t forget, when in your vehicle, the door is also a weapon. If you find yourself driving into an Antifa protest or involved in a Road Rage incident, do not exit your vehicle. If you get out and approach a stranger, they can get the drop on you AND you can be charged as an aggressor should somebody dial up a lawyer. Stay in the seat until they’ve approached the vehicle, then, rapidly and with force open the car or truck door. It sends your would-be irritant flying backward or onto the ground. And all you were doing was getting out of the car to chat with the fella. Oops.
(as always, content not intended to be Life Guidance, rather, a source of inspiration)

According to FBI reports, violent crime — aggravated assault, robbery, rape, and murder — is on the rise. Up-close-and-personal encounters of the worst kind can happen during everyday life. The odds of violence will increase during riots (like recent protests), natural disasters (like recent hurricanes), or when law enforcement is stretched too thin or non-existent.

Naturally, having a dedicated EDC weapon or force multiplier is highly encouraged. As the old saying goes, “When you need it, you really need it.” Unfortunately, there are times when carrying a weapon isn’t possible (think schools, courtrooms, airports, and hot days) or when an attack happens so quickly that accessing your weapon isn’t only difficult, but may be foolhardy. During these times, empty-hand self-defense and combatives skills are a must.

Luckily, there’s almost always something we can use in our surroundings to fight with. Once you know where to look, you’ll notice weapons are everywhere. Improvised weapons are readily available, effective, nonthreatening, and best of all, they’re free.

You may have seen Jackie Chan use a variety of household items in his movies, or, more recently, Matt Damon as Jason Bourne grab common office items to fend off a group of thugs. But just how easy is it to find an improvised weapon, and how effective is it? Here we help you think outside the box by exploring the seven creative concepts for using any weapon at hand.

Ad-Lib Analysis (from article)
Violence can happen at any time, and the odds increase during a crisis. Learning to defend home and hearth with weapons, improvised weapons, and empty hand may not only save your hide and those you love, but can open a slew of new recreational activities. Use this article as a starting point — and with the correct training, using weapons in your surroundings to come out on top should be no object.

Creative Concepts Covered in Article:
– Situational Awareness
– Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am
– It Cuts Like A Knife
– Astute Aiming
– Don’t Be Tardy
– Fighting Fixtures
– Block Party

About the Author
Dr. Conrad Bui is a San Francisco-based doctor of chiropractic and frequent contributor to RECOIL. As a former bouncer, he has seen first-hand the devastating results of improvised weapons. A self-proclaimed martial arts and combatives junkie, he won gold medals in the featherweight and absolute (unlimited weight) brown belt divisions at the 2017 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu American Cup. He’s also a certified full instructor in Indonesian Silat Serak, Filipino Kali, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, and Muay Thai, and holds a fifth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

The whole story . . . https://www.recoilweb.com/close-at-hand-141404.html

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