Welcome to the 2nd episode of the Kickin’ Brass Podcast. We ran into some technical difficulties, but thanks to Chris our production engineer, we were able to get it done. Big thanks as always to MMP Guns for their support, Eric and the crew have been fantastic. A huge shout out to Ursula Williams for working a full shift, and hauling ass all the way to central Phoenix to appear on the podcast. You rock!

And big time thanks to my co-hosts Joe and Byron for making it all happen and come together. We have a great time doing it, but we all feel it’s well worth it. Nothing is more important than defending our freedoms and giving back to our country. Great job gents… let’s keep on getting better.

Hope you like it. If you do, please click on the thumbs up, and let us know what we can do better in the comment section. We aren’t professionals, so we welcome the feedback.

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