For years FN has owned the 5.7 market with their FN 5.7 There were a few specialty pistols here and there which chambered the 5.7 round. Ruger is coming out with their own version of a 20 round 5.7mm pistol. The aptly named Ruger -57 looks a lot like their Ruger American line of pistols and does resemble the FN 5.7 It will be available in 10 or 20 capacity. It’s priced correctly at $799 MSRP, this is a big challenge to FN. Hopefully this may lead to more popularity of the round, and help reduce the cost of 5.7 ammo.

Great job Ruger. Bringing to market a product for which the public will have a demand. It’s not revolutionary, but at least it’s evolutionary. Unlike another famous gun manufacturer which devolved in bringing to market a gun which no one wanted or asked for in 22LR. Some manufacturers listen to their customers, others live in their own multi billion dollar vacuum. No better time than now to buy American!

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