Below The Radar: The MICRO Act

New York – –(AmmoLand.com)- Any Second Amendment supporter has probably been aware of the famous 1976 quote by Nelson “Pete” Shields. They have probably used it at some point when trying to convince fellow Americans to oppose the unjust restrictions that anti-Second Amendment extremists seek to impose. In fact, Shields, with that quote, has probably done a great deal to help…

Navajo Nation To Acquire Oldest Gun-Maker After Declaration Of Bankruptcy And Sandy Hook Lawsuit

Navajo Nation will acquire Remington after filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy for the second time. The tribe offered to buy the company in 2018 when the company declared bankruptcy for the first time. However, the offer did not materialize as the company sought other means of survival such as cost-cutting measures. Some of the creditors such as Franklin Templeton Investments…

Remington Reportedly Headed to Bankruptcy

Remington, America’s oldest gun company, is reportedly headed to bankruptcy and is in talks with the Navajo Nation as to its post-Chapter 11 future. The firearms maker, with operations in several states in addition to their flagship factory in Ilion, New York, could file for bankruptcy protection from creditors within days, reported the Wall Street Journal last week.  A favored…

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