Does everyone understand that military style can apply to just about anything? That every arm in existence was a weapon of war? Or that the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of the term weapon has the example phrase: assault with a deadly weapon[Emphasis added]

It’s mind blowing that these things have to be explained to some gun owners. The brainwashing of America is so deep that even people on our side of the fence are affected. On top of which, some are getting more brainwashed everyday by attempting to associate with or convince the other side.

This is another reason why Red Flag laws are put in place. They allow the leftist lunatic “citizen” to snitch out gun owners. Try to convince one of the communist sympathizers, and they can identify you, and use Red Flag confiscation against you. We can’t even trust our own in some cases.

If someone needs permission to keep an item of private property along with restrictions on its transfer or storage it can be said that the government has confiscated said property regardless of whether they have it in their physical possession. It isn’t private property if it can be taken by the government at any time.

This is why we must not compromise one single thing. Patriots and Virginia must stand their ground. Defend yourselves and your rights. The enemy is at the gates.

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