If gun owners are caught or found in possession of an “assault firearm,” even one the gun owners had purchased prior to the ban, they could be convicted of a Class 6 felony.

Once the SB-16 passes into law, handgun users could become instant lawbreakers, warned the NRA-ILA.

This is the same methodology used to ban bump stocks, which the NRA was in favor of. Now that the Fudds are seeing all their gun rights put at risk, they should look back to the bump stock ban and see the similarities.

The bump stock was banned because it was allegedly used in Vegas. All “Assault Weapons” are proposed for he banned in VA because some guy used a 45 ACP and a suppressor at a mass shooting in VA beach. Because of that incident, the political landscape has been flipped, and Virginian Fudd Guns are included this time… and now the NRA is up in arms.

Bump Stock owners had to dispose of their items with no compensation, which were made illegal overnight. If passed SB-16 would force people to turn in their “banned weapons” without compensation. If a person is caught with a bump stock now, they face prison time and felony charges and lose their firearms rights. If SB-16 passes, the same will happen to Virginians who owned previously legal weapons.

First they came for the Bump Stocks and no one cared because hey didn’t like bump stocks or owned them. Will it be…then they care for Virginia and no one cared because they don’t live there? Tick tock Texas…you’re on the clock. They have already announced they want to turn Texas into another Virginia.

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