MSM Communist Propaganda – “There is a national epidemic of gun violence”.


According to the annual FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2018—the most recent year for which data is available—homicides actually declined, with 10,265 involving firearms. By some estimates, there are 400 million guns in private ownership, so the number used in homicides amounts to a tiny fraction of a fraction.

MSM Communist Propaganda- “Assault rifles/weapons must be banned to save lives in Washington state”


in 2018 rifles of any kind were identified as used in only two of the state’s 232 slayings, FBI data says.

In 2017, a rifle was identified as the murder weapon in only one of the state’s 228 

MSM Communist Propaganda- “Assault Rifles are to blame”


For example, in 2018, the FBI report identifies 297 cases where people were killed with rifles. That same year, a whopping 1,515 were killed with “knives or cutting instruments.” Another 443 were bludgeoned to death, and 668 were beaten, stomped or strangled. 

MSM Communist Propaganda- “crucial gun reform has proved elusive despite perennial evidence the public wants it.”


By some estimates, there are 422 million guns in private ownership. There are 330 million Americans.

If the FBI statistics are raw data available to the public, and they are unbiased, why do politicians and MSM outlets continue to ignore the facts? Explanation number one, they are illiterate and incompetent. Explanation number two, they are competent, literate, and intentionally and maliciously misleading the public to a level which is criminal. Which do you think it is? Tell me again how it’s just big government incompetence. The real incompetence is anyone not seeing the facts, and believing the intentional lies being told.

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