I have heard a couple of my friends say they can get out as far as 150 yards with a 12 gauge slug. Most of what I have read or seen personally about the “effective” range of a slug is 100-125 yards. When I say “effective” range, I’m speaking of the range where one might expect to make repeatable hits on the vitals of a deer sized animal.

There have been posters who claim they can get out to 200 yards. I don’t discount hunters who have had years in the field hunting deer. Those guys are subsistence hunters for whom a miss means no meat for the winter, and they don’t have the resources to get a hunting rifle and a shotgun. Their shotgun doubles as a hunting rifle and a bird and small game gun.

I have only hunted small deer in the brush with slugs. I know my limitations, and I’m good to 50-75 yards. I don’t want to sound an animal. When I saw this video, it blew my mind. Is there anything Jerry can not shoot well?

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