In 2016 Bond Arms Inc bought the patent and rights of the XR9 from Boberg Arms. Later on Bond Arms released a all new improved version of the XR9 calling it the bullpup 9. Bond Arms are only doing a very limited production of these pistols only 150 per month.


When you hear the word “bullpup” you automatically assume a rifle or shotgun, but pistols never come to mind. The BullPup 9 is the only commercially produced bullpup pattern handgun available at this time. The action of the Bullpup 9 works in a very unique way. Usually in most pistols when the slide comes foward it strips the round from the magazine and pushes the round into the chamber. The way that the Bullpup design works is when the slide moves to the rear a claw grabs the rim of the cartridge, pulls it out of the magazine and positions it to ride over a feed ramp that pops up and guides the cartridge into the chamber as the barrel rotates and locks into place. With that being said the Bullpup 9 has no use for a follower in the magazine.



The Bullpup 9 features:

  • 3.35 inch barrel
  • (2) 7+1 magazines
  • Dovetail drift-adjustable non-illuminated 3-dot sights
  • 7.5 lb trigger pull
  • weighs/ 17.5 ounces
  • length/ 5.1”
  • double action only
  • Signature Bond Arms Engraved Rosewood Grips

Keep in mind that when this design was being manufactured by Boberg Arms they had some issues with their firearms and the cost was around $1200 to $1300. Bond arms perfected the design and lowered the cost to right around $900 to $975. Watch the video below for more info on this firearm. Video credit : BOND ARMS




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