A skinnier KSG bullpup shotgun, and a 33 round 22lr pistol. What’s not to love? As with all things Keltec, you have to wait to see if they work as intended. Keltec is one of those manufacturers that that people love to thrash on or love to love. I have found that they are no different than any manufacturer. The first batch of anything new …tends to suck. Even SIG had problems (many still claim they still have problems) with the P365 and P320 series at first.

New designs will often have issues which need refinement. The KS7 design seems promising. It’s basically a KSG with one tube instead of two. It retains the same length as the KSG, and has a 7+1 capacity with 3” shells and 8+1 with 2 and 3/4 inch shells. (KS7 is on top in the pic below)

That’s about as long as a Mossberg Shockwave. (KSG is pictured, but is about the same length as a KS7)

If it works, it would be a handy package for home defense. I will let all the regular YouTube reviewers run through their tests and see how it holds up.

The other product is one I really hope works. A 33 round 22lr pistol that functions reliably would really be a great plinker. If it is reliable, it would be a great bug out gun for those who believe the 22LR is the ultimate SHTF caliber (I’m not of that belief, but to each their own).

It’s even more cool with a brace adapter and a brace. I honestly think this was the intent for the gun from the beginning.

They have MSRPs of $475 for the pistol and $495 for the shotgun, so once the hoopla settles down, $400-$425 street price should be common. That’s reasonable for guns of this class and application. Now… if they would work as intended… I’d be in line for one of each.

For a more comprehensive review, click on the link below.


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