I’m back from the range. I was accompanied by a good friend and fellow gun enthusiast yesterday. We picked half a case of Winchester 115 grain FMJ and 100 rounds of Tula Ammo (100 rounds of Winchester went through another gun). We got to a nearby range and set about finding out whether the various reviews in gun rags were legitimate or if they were just backdoor advertising to sell a product. As you all know, I’m just a moderator on a blog site. I don’t get paid anything by anyone. Hell, I gotta buy my own ammo. Thank you to my bud’s discount at Tombstone Tactical (Hey guys, I’m accepting ammo donations for the shameless plug?). So what I’m going to report to you is my own personal opinion of a gun I personally purchased with my own money. (As well as my buddy’s…thanks bro ??)

As you may remember, I purchased the Taurus G2C with the purpose of testing it, and if it worked out as advertised, recommendening it for a budget EDC, back up, or truck gun. My price at $200 out the door can be had right now on various gun sites on the internet. Without further fanfare, let’s get down to brass tacks.


– The G2C experienced exactly zero malfunctions with either brand of ammunition. 

– It shoots as accurately as one would expect within the 7 yard role it was designed for.

– Both factory magazines worked perfectly. No malfunctions of any kind, and you get 2, not 1.

– Grips are very aggressive… perhaps too agrresive to run 250 rounds back to back with no glove.

– The trigger has an incredibly short reset, making follow up shots a joy, or a pain as you’re getting accustomed to it.

– Functions right out of the box. I didn’t clean/lube any parts. Just loaded it and shot 500 rounds between myself and my friend. (I’d previously stated I put 150 rounds through this gun. My mistake, that was the HiPoint C-9.)

– It’s affordable, reliable, accurate and it’s $200 bucks.


Cons: (I don’t consider these to be cons personally, but they are considerations to be fair.)
– The sights are hard to pick up, especially on a dark background. (Upgrade the sights for carry.)

– The slide will fail to lock back if your thumb on the support hand wanders up the frame onto the slide. This is more operator error but it happens on 3-4 occasions when I wasn’t paying attention.

– There is a gap between the magazine end plate and the body of the magazine. My friend said it pinched his pinky during shooting. I did not experience this issue. 

– The texture on the grip is agressive enough to wear a good bit of skin off my palm. It’s not a range gun so I don’t expect it to be an issue with EDC carry. 

– The trigger has a long pre travel…when I say long…I mean long. Long enough to make it a specific training item for the pistol. Will it matter as a self defense gun? Not to me. My worst spread was 4-5 inches at 7 yards and 2 inches at 5 yards. It will do the job keeping the rounds in the center mass portion of a human target.

– It does come with a frame mounted safety. This made me adjust my grip accordingly. I ended up just riding my thumb over the top which actually gave me a better feel for the gun.


In summary, I’m liking this weapon a lot so far. I should be able to get back to the range next week to put another 500 rounds through it. I will not clean it between now and the next session. I’ll give my final opinion after 1000 rounds have been through it. Thanks for being a part of our community. As always, If you aren’t an Armed Citizen, become one. If you are already one, arm the rest Thank you for the support, and get others involved with our channel. I love seeing the new faces and the new moderators.



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