After the release of the 19x earlier this year, people fell in love with the merger between the G19 (slide)
and the G17 (frame). A short time later, people hit the forums hard suggesting the 19x to be made in a
black finish. I’ve personally grown to like the coyote color presented on the 19x but I know its not for
everyone and people say negative things when a gun strays from its original variation.


Earlier this week, Glock introduced the G45 into our gun loving community. The G45 is chambered in
9mm and like the 19x; they stuck with their crossover design equipped with the G19 slide merged with
a gen 5 G17 frame. They also included front serrations to the slide which makes for easier press checks
. Front serrations were originally designed on competition guns for guys who would run scopes on their
pistols, this made it difficult to chamber a round by gripping the rear of the slide. Manufactures started
adding front serrations to some of their models. I’m a huge fan when it comes to front serrations, hence
the reason I purchased the CZ P10c.


Just like the gen 5 and 19x, the G45 does not have finger grooves on the frame and is beveled on the
front of the slide and also features the flared magwell. I have only one issue about the 19x and it isn’t a
deal breaker; its simply the extra lip in front of the magwell causing the gen 5 mags not to fit. That
being said, I’m glad to not see it featured on the G45 -meaning it can take mags from generations 1-5.


I currently work at MMP GUNS in Phoenix,Arizona and earlier this week we received 3 different sight
set-ups for the G45 from our distributors. The G45 is offered with Glock’s traditional polymer OEM
sights, Glock’s OEM night sights and Ameri-glo sights. Sights are usually the first part of the gun
people change. For an extra $40-$50 you can choose whatever sights you prefer instead of paying
$90-$100 after purchasing. I would recommend choosing the OEM night sights; I’ve used them on
different Glock models and never had any issue with them and never lost any brightness in the glow.
Overall Glock did an awesome job with the G45 and I see myself buying one in the near feature.
If you’re in the market for a new pistol, this is it. Buy one!!

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