Here in 2019,  weapon lights are a dime a dozen. There are a hundred different manufactures making various designed weapon lights that mount on the rail of your firearm. Getting a new light for your home defense Glock or even your EDC Glock is very common these days, after purchasing a light people usually have trouble finding a holster that will fit their Glock/light combo. Some even complain about weight, size, and comfort. Dead Point LLC invented a solution with their line of Glock LED Guide rod weapon lights.


Dead Point LLC has these guide rod lights available for Glock Gen 4 models 19/23/32 and 17/22/31 and Gen 3 models 19/23/32 and 17/22/31. Dead Point also just released guide rod lights for the G43 and G42. These Guide rod lights run only $149.99.

Materials include:

  • 303 Stainless Steel Guide Rod
  • Cree LED 
  • Wolff Recoil Spring
  • 9v Battery
  • Extended Take Down Lever
  • Ambidextrous On/Off Control

For more information watch the video below                                       Video credit: Tactical_SHT


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