• Glock 43 9mm
The Glock 43 is a single stack 9mm pistol with a mag capacity of 6+1 . Weighing
in at 17.99 oz with an empty mag making it for idea for conceal carry.
  • Sig sauer p365 9mm
Released in 2018 the Sig p365 is a sub compact pistol with a mag capacity
of 10+1 and only weighing in at 17.8 oz. Sig Sauer was very clever calling it
the p365 since there are 365 days in the year and you can carry this pistol
all year round.
  • Smith&Wesson Shield 2.0 9mm
The S&W Shield is basically a single stack, slim and lightweight version of the full
size m&p pistol. The Shield comes standard with one 8 round extended grip mag
and one flush fit 7 round mag, Weighing in at 18.3 oz making it a great choice for
every day carry.
  • Walther PPS M2
The PPS M2 Features the walther signature ergonomic grip making it very comfortable
and giving you better control of firearm. Also features front and rear serrations for front
and rear cocking, Come standard with one 7 round extended grip mag and one 6 round
flush fit mag. Definitely another good choice for edc.
  • Springfield XDS mod 2 9mm
The XDS-mod 2 survived a 25,000 round torture test without a single failure. Making the
reliability unstoppable. Everything about the gun screams edc from the 3.3 inch barrel to
the enhanced Grip Texture. The XDS MOD 2 weight in around 21.5 oz. comes standard
with one 7 round flush mag and one 8 round extended grip mag.
  • (Bonus Choice) Taurus G2c 9mm
We know that some of the guns we listed can be pricey and some of us need something
a little more budget friendly. The G2c is a great concealed carry pistol with a great price
right around $249.99. Weighs in around 21.15 oz and has a barrel length of 3.2 inches,
The G2c comes standard with two 12 round mags and a lifetime warranty through Taurus.

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