A Blast From the Past

This clip is over 40 years old, yet it still rings true today… We will always have to fight for the 2nd amendment. Guns rule the world, and they will until something takes their place. RBG basically said the the 2nd amendment was outdated. Nothing could be further from the truth and I’m sure she was aware of that. Keep…

Illinois gun control group sends out alert to “red flag” minorities?!?!?!?

Sure as hell looks like it! It almost appears that they are trying to alert family members of new minority gun owners (since they’re the largest growing demographic of legal gun owners due to COVID and social unrest) that this tool is available: https://www.dearevanston.org/post/know-about-fro-firearms-restraining-order-in-illinois-can-help-save-lives People for a Safer Society is a non-profit grassroots gun violence prevention organization that focuses on…

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